About Us

NRI Forum Karnataka has been formed to forge a symbiotic relationship between Karnataka and its Diaspora. The Forum will provide information on socio-economic activities of Karnataka State and its development and also coordinate investment in the state across all potential sectors.

India has emerged as the country which attracts the largest quantum of investment from its Diaspora. With the State having earned a reputation as the most sought after destination for multinational corporations, especially in the technology area, the NRI forum has been formed to attract more investment to the State. The NRI Forum will facilitate investors among NRIs (Non-Resident Indians) in setting up their ventures in the state.

The main aim of NRI Forum is to assist NRIs with their requirements in India, motivate NRIs for development and promotion of Karnataka’s literature, cultural and heritage activities overseas and encourage NRI’s for adoption of Educational Institutions in the backward areas of Karnataka so as to provide quality education to the children.

The NRI Forum also hopes to draw up on the knowledge reservoir of Diaspora for development of the State.


  • * To encourage all the activities which are in-line to the interests of the NRIs, residing overseas
  • * To co-operate & provide opportunities to the NRIs residing outside the country, to enhance and develop the Kannada
    literary and cultural activities
  • * To formulate and implement the programmes necessary to achieve further development in the fields of IT / BT, Science /
    Technology and Research in the State with the co-operation of Non-Resident Indians
  • * To establish a Knowledge and Skill Bank
  • * To encourage the Non-Resident Indians to participate in the development programmes of academic and related spheres in the State
  • * To encourage the Non-Resident Indians to invest in industries and infrastructure projects in the State
  • * To encourage the Non-Resident Indians to participate in the development programmes of socio-economic sphere in the State
  • * To promote the activities related to the well-being of the Non-Resident Indians


  • * Promote the interests of NRIs in general, and those from Karnataka in particular, who are settled abroad
  • * Creating a network of “Non-Resident Indians” and organizations
  • * Enumerating organizations of Non-Resident Indians so as to form an action plan to address their grievances
  • * Promote & Assist NRIs in their investment activities in Karnataka
  • * Promote technology transfer, research and investment initiatives in  establishing technical and educational institutions
  • * Address and assist NRIs in the areas of their concern